Tropical Kingbird - Bald Point State Park

Tropical Kingbird - Bald Point State Park

Postby Elliot Schunke » Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:59 pm

Late this afternoon, Andy Wraithmell found a Tropical Kingbird at the north end of the road in Bald Point State Park.

I just got home from checking the bird out right at sunset and it was still present when I left. It was in the tops of the trees around the cul de sac at the north end of the road, just as Andy said. The bird vocalized while I was there clinching it for Tropical over Couch's. Though, visually it looked good for Tropical with its long bill and deep-notched tail.

Tropical Kingbird by ElliotSchunke, on Flickr

TRKI5 by ElliotSchunke, on Flickr

TRKI4 by ElliotSchunke, on Flickr

TRKI3 by ElliotSchunke, on Flickr

TRKI2 by ElliotSchunke, on Flickr
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Re: Tropical Kingbird - Bald Point State Park

Postby Andy Wraithmell » Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:38 pm

arrived at Bald Point around 1230pm and walked to the fishing dock at the northern end of the park. A bird flew over my head resembling a Western Kingbird. It appeared to land in an oak but I couldn't locate it. Having seen many WEKI at Bald Point in the past I wasn't that upset about not getting better looks at this one. I spent the next hour birding the park, mainly scanning the sky for migrant raptors from the marsh boardwalk. While tracking a low-flying Northern Harrier I noticed a kingbird sitting ion the top of an oak roughly where I saw the bird earlier. At a distance it resembled a Western. I decided to walk over and try and get pictures despite having taken many good ones of this species before. It turned out to be a good decision! At first the bird didn't like me and kept moving before I could get a picture. Eventually I rattled off about 30 shots. At no time did I view the bird through my binocs!!!!! I did notice how yellow the underbody but this still didn't provoke me into scrutinizing the bird. I hung out in the parking lot for another 30 minutes and then gave John Murphy a call. We passed each other on the road, had a chat and bid farewell. I was drinking a diet coke at the gas station in Panacea when John called, "It's a Tropical Kingbird!" Of course it was! Teaches me for being so nonchalant and thanks to John it saved me from further embarrassment! I'm so glad I called him! Cheers mate. I called Elliot and am really chuffed he got to see it as well. This was my 2nd Tropical Kingbird for Florida, the first was 7-8 years ago in Apalachicola. Hope it sticks around.
Tropical Kingbird - Bald Point State Park by Limeybirder, on Flickr

Tropical Kingbird - Bald Point State Park by Limeybirder, on Flickr

Tropical Kingbird - Bald Point State Park by Limeybirder, on Flickr
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Tropical kingbird/Bald Pt continues

Postby frigatebird22 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:03 pm

I saw the TRKI several times today, the last being at 4:30pm. It has moved from its original location to the eastern side of the hardwood hammock a few hundred yards south of the point.

Today I also found a Western kingbird along Bald Pt Road a couple of miles south of the BPSP gate, so if you go searching for the Tropical, don't automatically accept the first yellow-bellied flycatcher as your target bird. I have photos of both (which are too large to post here) if anyone is interested.

In addition to the TRKI & WEKI, I also found Eastern and Gray kingbirds today. A four tyrannid day is a good day.

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